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    Hi I'm Ayesha, I am a Makeup Artist based in West Midlands. I started doing makeup in 2009 and have trained with the very best.

    I aim to give my clients the very best of service, by listening to every question and suggesting the best way to go about it. This helps build an understanding with clients and it allows me to create the ideal look.

    My love for makeup is everlasting and making striking faces is a grand satisfaction!


    I did intensive training at Depilex in Lahore, Pakistan under the guidance of Masarat Misbah (Teacher of Lubna Rafiq). My training did not end there as after that I joined the Lubna Rafiq Academy and also trained with Bashir Sabar.

    I have mastered the art of true pakistani makeup style and also all other makeup looks varying from everyday makeup, high fashion and bridals.

    My training didn't end there in 2011 I joined the lubna rafiq academy and did an intensive makeup training with lubna and hair with uzma rafiq. continuing on with hair my hair training I also did an intensive hair training course with Bashir Sabir (London based). towards the latter part of 2011 I landed my self a job at MAC COSMETICS at the Pro store (Birmingham branch) as a makeup artist. Still to date im perfecting my skills through other training academies.

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    I always provide advice on a look that I think it would suit my clients, bringing together the makeup and the outfit.

    Services I provide:

    To enquire about my services or a FREE qoute please call or email me.

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    I am based in West Midlands, however I do travel Internationally
    To contact me, please call, email or use the form on the left. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated

    0796 786 43 42Telephone:
    E-mail: info@makeupbyayesha.com

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    E-mail: info@makeupbyayesha.com

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